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Pending Email Warning in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Michael Burgoine, 11th September 2018

Want to get rid of this annoying warning message when you first log in to your Microsoft Dynamics instance? Click read more to find out how! …

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GDPR IS COMING, It’s not a problem look at the opportunities

Jerry Lipman, 24th January 2018

For many in the FE and vocational training sectors, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a further overbearing compliance exercise for a sector that is already heavily burdened. Many view the requirements as onerous, costly and potentially damaging to their organisation in terms of valuable lost data. It needn’t be; embracing GDPR and all that it stands for …

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GCSE Results Day – Time for your talent pool to update their profile!

Michael Burgoine, 24th August 2017

This is a big day for students! Many who have already registered interest in apprenticeships, will have filled in their profile with predicted grades. For many vacancies and employers, grades can make a big difference. Your JustApply portal allows your candidates to update their profile at any time, and this is a great time to remind them! With JustApply, you …

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FERMs Vacancy – Posting Vacancies for Standards to Recruit an Apprenticeship Service (NAS)

Jerry Lipman, 23rd August 2017

As most of our customers have been made aware we have had some limitations to posting vacancies for Apprenticeship Standards to the NAS RAA website due to NAS not updating their API to allow for these new changes. We have constantly been in contact with NAS reporting this issue who have now told us that a new API is in …

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CRM and JustApply

Jerry Lipman, 4th July 2016

JustApply is delivered with its own integrated solution in MS Dynamics CRM. This can be any version from 2011 upwards, on premise or online. if your organisation is already using Dynamics CRM the solution can be added directly into your existing system and if you already work with a partner for your Dynamics CRM we will be happy to collaborate …

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Want to grow your apprenticeship vacancies?

Jerry Lipman, 31st January 2016

Do you want to grow your Apprenticeship Vacancies? Organisations that aspire to be truly responsive to the needs of employers face a challenge in handling increasing numbers of Apprenticeship Vacancies and Candidates whilst controlling costs. Qualifying and processing large numbers of Candidates is time consuming and resource hungry at a time when immense pressure is being placed on budgets across …

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